Meeting Place

The idea behind the Sprisser Bar is to connect people with music. Historically, bars serve people in a comfortable relaxed setting. Friends enjoy each other’s company, especially when it comes to events, concerts or festivals, they serve as meeting points of interest and entertainment. Music festivals create a platform to present new and innovative concepts to audiences from different backgrounds and walks of life. Make the Sprisser Bar your go-to place at music events.

Central Point

Our aim is to provide a "Meeting Point" with the Sprisser Bar that serves as a central point at events, where one can meet, have a drink, hang out and enjoy the day.
Sprisser Bars were developed within a container concept which offers a unified architectural design within each module. It's designed with a concise layout, distinct color palette and unique interior architecture.

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Seen To Be Seen

Each Sprisser Bar is a party in itself. It is not just a focal point at different events where you can get your refreshingly buzzing Sprisser drink, but it's a party and a fun place to meet and hang out.