Sprisser is our passion and we’re happy to bring it to you! Casual or all dressed up, Sprisser is enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Light and refreshing, we assure you it’s an irresistible taste sensation for you and your friends!

Sharing Our Passion

It’s an old tradition renewed. We grew up on summer spritzers as did generations of families in Austria. It became part of our heritage. Now, all grown up, we want to re-introduce this old world favorite with a new world twist. Have it by the can, with elegant dining or as a mixer. Like us, we hope you too will have an “Aaaahh” experience with Sprisser.

Sommeliers' & Mixologists' Minds Meld

Sprisser is specially crafted with wine that is perfectly infused with natural flavors and just the right touch of effervescence. We think you'll agree that there’s nothing like it. Ramp up the fun and rock hard with Sprisser, the drink that will keep you rocking all weekend long! Go ahead and get your buzz on! This new taste sensation blends modern mixology with the timeless tradition of wine making, creating a one-of-a-kind drink that will tantalize your taste buds. Feel the buzz and indulge your senses with Sprisser’s clean crisp flavors! It’s the only way to party.

Uniquely Delicious

Tradition Renewed

Our passion for the Sprisser drink stems from our youth when a whole generation grew up enjoying Wine Spritzer during warm summer months in Vienna. Incredibly, this refreshingly delicious drink was never properly introduced to later generations. The Millennial generation barely knows the origin of the traditional spritzer and has little interest in exploring it with so many contemporary choices of socially acceptable alternatives. The traditional spritzer in its purest form is the most refreshing alcoholic drink that doesn’t leave you with an overbearing taste or wasted feeling.

This refreshing summer drink required a new twist to capture the attention of both later generations and traditionalists. By blending combinations of natural flavors into a creative recipe crafted to the tastes of Millennials and beyond generations, we have successfully accomplished our mission to create a line of socially fun, high quality wine based mixed drinks called Sprisser. Light and refreshing, it is the drink that transcends generations.

refreshingly buzzing

Onlineor in YourFavorite Bar,Club or Event

Sprisser is a ready-to-drink carbonated mixed wine-based beverage, like you've never tasted before.

With refreshing flavors and creative mix recipes tailored to next generation taste preferences, we believe our approach can ignite a new passion for all to enjoy.

By bringing wine based mix drinks to a whole new level, we are proud of introducing the Sprisser experience to a whole new generation of wine culture connoisseurs. It is our passion to bring this delightful drink to the masses.

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