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sprisser -refreshingly buzzing

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iBev Holding LLC, the parent company of Sprisser is dedicated to elevating the beverage experience by blending tradition with innovation and creating new trendsetting libations.

About Us - Sparkling Wine GlassesSprisser is a fusion between the modern art of mixology and the long standing tradition of wine making. All brought together to create a new refreshingly buzzing drink category.  iBev Holding, LLC is proud to introduce an old fashion drink using innovative new formulas to infuse our customers’ lifestyle with Fun and Happiness.

Available as a ready-to-drink carbonated alcohol beverage, Sprisser is flavored with all natural ingredients and crafted into a distinct blend by specialized wine artisans and mixologists.

Passionate about Sprisser

Our passion for the Sprisser drink stems from our youth where a whole generation grew up enjoying Wine Spritzer during the warm summer months in Austria. However this refreshingly delicious drink was never properly marketed towards the next generation. The so called Millennial generation hardly knows of the origin of the traditional spritzer and has little interest in exploring with so many socially cool alternatives.  The original spritzer in its purest form is an incredibly refreshing alcoholic drink that doesn’t leave you with a full taste or wasted feel.

With all natural flavors and creative recipes tailored to the next generation, we believe Sprisser will re-ignite a new passion for the next generation of wine based mix drinks. Sprisser is the perfect introduction to groom the next wine culture connoisseurs.

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